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Getting Starter

Let's get you ready to play ! Here are the six(6) easy Steps to get you "permanent reservations" in our fabulous Casino.

    Step 1- Download
    Step 2- Installation
    Step 3- Free Game
    Step 4- Real Game
    Step 5- Deposit
    Step 6- Withdrawal

STEP 1 - Download ( Set it up, then take a break here ! )
Whether you choose to enjoy our Casino games as a Guest for practice or for the excitement of playing for Real money, you first need to download our Casino Software. It will only take 15 to 30 minutes to have your very own Casino on your PC, at your fingertips !

STEP 2 - Installation ( Don't go away, it's done in a flash ! )
Now you need to install the software you just downloaded. Are you ready? Get set, go !, installation will take no more than 30 seconds

STEP 3 - Free Game ( Off the bus, it's time to do the tour ! )
Now that the installation is done it's time to take a walk through your Casino ! On the screen, Click on "Game" to review all the great classic games you can play. You can choose to play in the casino for Real money or get some practice for your first week as a Guest. Please note, if you are not familiar with a particular game and are interested in playing that game, the rules for each game is easily found in the "Help" file. If you are a Guest practice player, we start you off with $5000 Virtual money in your account.

STEP 4 - Real Game ( Ok, warm ups are over, now for some real action ! )
It's so easy to play for real money! Just Click on "Play for Real", simply complete the Registration and open an Account. As soon after your deposit is processed, start the excitement !
Note : All Casino transactions are in U.S. Dollars

How to Open a New Account
When you Click "Play for Real", you will see "New Account". Please follow the instructions and post your information. Click on "Create Account" after making sure everything is correct. Confidentially, your account number and PIN code will be displayed on the screen, take note of them and keep in a safe place. For final verification, your account number and PIN code will be mailed to the E-mail address you posted upon registration. For a deposit, Click on "Deposit" located at the right side of screen

STEP 5 - Deposit ( Please, no porcelain piggy banks and hammer !)

    E-Cash Merchant
    How to deposit
    For your safety

International Data Process Inc.

E -Cash Merchant
All online credit card transactions will be processed by International Data Process Inc. (IDP), our E-Cash Merchant. Regarding any/all deposits made at the Casino, billing to your credit card Statement will read as "International Data Process Inc." IDP offers you and the Casino safe and secure electronic cash, therefore we accept their E-cash as "the chip" at the Casino.


Deposit by Credit Card
International Data Process Inc. will accept and authorize VISA and MASTER CARD credit cards. For your convenience, up to an amount of US$800 can be deposited by credit card. This represents the maximum amount that will be accepted within any given 15 day period, per credit card. The minimum deposit by credit card is US$10. You can register up to 3 credit cards. Should you wish to register more than 3 credit cards, please contact our customer service. The Credit card limit will be automatically renewed on the 1st. and 16th. of each Month.

For Your Security
International Data Process Inc., may require certain specific personal details to verify your transaction. Any request(s) for information of this nature is strictly confidential and is solely intended to protect you from potential fraud or abuse of your credit card(s) by others.

    Copy of your Credit Card
    Copy of your Credit Card Statement
    Copy of your Driver's License. (Photo I-D)
    Your Signature for Credit Card Deposit Approval

STEP 6 - Withdrawal ( Gee, what am I going to do with all this cash ! )
Click on "Withdraw" at the left side of your screen. You can withdraw a maximum amount equal to your existing balance at any time. For all lesser amounts, Click on "Minimum or Other" and key in the amount you would like to withdraw then Click "Begin Withdraw". The minimum withdraw amount is US$10.


There are (3) ways to send you winning "Payouts" :

    Credit Card
    - By regular mail
    - By express mail
    Wire transfer

Credit Card
Generally, the withdrawal amount will be credited back to the original credit card you used for deposit up to the original purchase amount(s). Then the balance of winnings to be paid, will be forwarded by the method you requested. Please allow 3 to 5 business days for crediting back to your credit card.

- By regular mail US$10 will be deducted from your winnings for bank administration fees. Depending on the area you live, it may take 2 to 4 weeks.

- By express mail
US$10 for bank administration fees and US$25 or more for the courier service charges, both to be deducted from your winnings. Depending on the area you live, delivery takes 3 to 5 business days.

Wire transfer
Your winnings will be wired to your bank account directly. Depending on the amount of money you would like to withdraw, a minimum of US$25 will be deducted from your winnings. It takes about 3 to 5 business days approximately.

Please consult with local Authorities regarding gambling/online gambling in your state, province, territory, and/or country.

Any person that applies and registers as a Real Player agrees that a Real Player is SOLELY and EXCLUSIVELY responsible for complying with all gaming, gambling and taxation laws of their jurisdiction. All play in violation hereof is VOID.

Where specifically prohibited by law, visitors are encouraged to play for free in the Guest practice mode.

This Casino reserves the right to suspend any player's account if it is discovered that any information provided is false and/or incorrect.


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